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Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ Lyrics (Romaji/English)

Original / Romaji Lyrics

Hane otoshita datenshi wa 
Kegareta chigiri ni mi o yudanete 
Aishiatta kako de sae mo 
Sono te de keshisatteshimatta no

Kizutsuita maigo no tenshi 
Yuugure no machi samayoi
Kirei na hitomi o motta
Hitori no shoujo to deau 

Me ga atta sono shunkan ni
Koi ni ochita aware na tenshi wa
Yurusarenai omoi ni tsunoru mama
Kinki no hako o ageta

Motometa mono wa egao no ura ni kakusareta
Kindan no kajitsu
Hito to tenshi yurusarenai koi kanaeru tame ni 
Subete o kowasu dake 

Kegarenai kokoro sutete
Kimi o aishiteikirareru nara 
Kono hane sae kirisutete 
Akuma ni mi o yudaneteshimaou 

Shikkoku ni somaru hanayome
Seinaru chikai no basho de 
Hakanai hitomi de warau 
Fushigi na jounen to deau

Me ga atta sono shunkan ni
Koi ni ochita aware na shoujo wa 
Yurusarenai omoi tsunoru mama 
Subete o uragitta

Te ni ireta no wa kono te no naka 
Kogaretsuzuketa yokubou no kajitsu
Motomeatte ubaiau netsu 
Kiyoraka naru chikai sae mo

Tsunagiatta kako o subete
Konagona ni keshisatteshimattara 
Koukai sae kuyamu hodo 
Kimi ni oborete ochiteyuku dake 

ah- kinki no tsumi wa
Ienu kizu to natte kizamaretsuzuke
Ikareru sabaki no ya wa 
Shikkoku no shoujo o tsuranuku 

Hane otoshita datenshi wa 
Kegareta chigiri o tokihanatte 
Sono inochi to hikikae ni 
Ichimai no hane dake o nokoshite 
Shoujo o sukutte 

Kiesatta no

Hane otoshita datenshi to 
Kegareta kuro ni somaru hanayome 
Chi no soko e ochite sae mo 
Chikai no kusabi o karameatte 
Yurusarenai tsumi o kakaeteiku 

Tsumi no kajitsu ga kuchihateta toki
Futatabi meguriau sono hi made


The wingless fallen angel
Surrendered herself to the contract of evil
In the past they even loved each other
She ended it by her own hand

The stray heartbroken angel
Wandered in a town at dusk
And came across a girl
With beautiful eyes

At the moment their eyes met
The pathetic angel fell for her
As the forbidden feelings grew inside her
She opened Pandora's box

What she wished for was the forbidden fruit
Hidden behind a smile
To make the forbidden love between -a human and an angel- happen
All she had to do is destroy everything

I'll abandon my pure heart
If I'm allowed to live and love you,
I won't hesitate to cut off these wings
Let me surrender myself to the devil

The black stained bride
At the place she was supposed to take the holy vow
She came across a mysterious boy
Smiling with mournful eyes

At the moment their eyes met
The pathetic girl fell for him
As the forbidden feelings grew inside her
She betrayed everything

What they have in their hands is
The fruit of lust they had desired
Combining in a feverish frenzy
Even their pure vow
Is breaking as sin

The pieces of the past that linked us
After removing them all
As though mourning would repent us
Let me plunge in and drown inside you 

ah- the forbidden sin
Kept cutting at the unhealed wound
The angry judgment of the arrow
Penetrated the pitch-black girl

My dear, lying cold
I will spend all my life for you as I swore on that day.
My sin against God...
All my acts of treachery should be paid by my death,
so I will die for you...
I believe that's my fate.

The wingless fallen angel
Freed from the contract of evil
In exchange for her own life
Leaving one feather
She saved the girl

And vanished away

The wingless fallen angel
And the sinful black stained bride
Even after falling into the abyss
The vows' wedge entwine them
Retaining their unforgivable sin

When the fruit of sin falls into decay
They can meet again, till then...

[non singable translation by chiyokosama]

Risking losing* her feathers, a fallen angel
Became sullied, vowing to abandon her body
She loved others in the past, however
That hand ended them all.

The injured and lost angel
Wandered the evening streets
One with beautiful eyes,
A single girl she met.
The moment their eyes met
The pitiful angel fell in love
Unforgivable feelings began to well
She opened the box of taboo.

The thing she searched for was a smiling face concealed under forbidden fruit.
Human and angel
For the sake of forbidden love,
Broke through all of everything**.

Throwing away her untainted heart,
If my love for you still lives,
Cut away these wings.
I will devote my body to evil.

The bride, dyed in lacquer black
Went to a place of holy oath,
Where fleetingly, with smiling eyes
A mysterious boy she met.

The moment their eyes met,
She fell in love, that grieving girl.
Unforgivable feelings began to well
And she betrayed everything

Hand in hand, in this place
The continued to yearn for that desirable fruit
Wanting to come together in a scrambling fever
In purifying vow,
They trespassed.

The binds of the past, in pieces
Would completely erase everything.
If you only would repent and mourn.
You would only fall and sink.

A crime of taboo
Those healing wounds would continue to scar and mince.
The arrow of angered judgment
Pierced through the girl of lacquer black.

Risking losing her feathers, a fallen angel
Relinquished her corrupted vow
In exchange for that life,
A single feather left behind,
To rescue that girl, she disappeared.

Risking losing* her feathers, a fallen angel and
A bride dyed in sullied black
To the ends of the earth***
A linking vow entwines their meeting
Carrying an unforgivable crime,
Time rots the fruit of sin
Until the day they meet again.

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